Betty In Swirl By Roome London with Geraldine Larkin

Fine upholstered in GERALDINE LARKIN’s luxurious Swirl, the Betty sideboard combines luxurious design with a compact frame.

Made to order from lacquered ash wood veneers, this statement piece is fine upholstered in exquisite hand embroidery by Geraldine Larkin, and beautifully crafted by global artisans.

The handles and frames are complemented by solid ash or brass legs. For its natural flames and character we use crown-cut ash, which is lacquered to enhance the beauty of its grain. Each piece of ash is unique and acts in striking contrast to hand embroidery.

Conscious of our impact on the environment, we use only FSC-regulated timber, ensuring that every time a tree is felled, one is planted in its place.

Custom options available on request.


  • Designed in England and made to order
  • Upholstered Geraldine Larkin hand embroidered door with velvet base fabric by Dedar
  • Lacquered ash wood veneers
  • Brass coated aluminium door frames
  • Solid brass handles or push close door without handle
  • Solid brass legs or solid ash legs available on request
  • Made by Shamsian in Muscat Oman



  • H:78cm x D:43cm x L:100cm

MAXI (on request)

  • H: 98cm D: 53cm W: 125cm
  • H: 38.58in D: 20.87in W:49.21in

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