5 Creative Ways to Use Lighting at your Hotel

Finding a vintage lamb from your nearby store and placing it in a few places in the lobby and guest room doesn’t necessarily create an example of an ideal interior design for a hotel. Rather it needs severe thought and immense effort to pull out an amiable atmosphere with lighting that could potentially entice your […]


Know the Carpet Before Choosing it

Have you been acquainted with the fact that flooring is one of the most critical features of interior design? Do you know that a carpet could change the face, definition, and mood of your space all at once?  Well, it is so! Read to know why you should think through it before choosing your carpet. […]


Hospitality and Luxury Residence Interior Design

“Voila! “Click my picture with the cool gizmos in the hotel hallway, taking my sunbath beneath the bougainvillea’s!” The frame you are highly appreciative of is the deliverance of workmanship of a hospitality architect.  Deluxe hotels and other fabulous-looking establishments with any kind of host-guest connection are designed by hospitality architects. Nightclubs, restaurants, theatres, hotels, […]