Austere or ornate be ahead of the curve with wide range of collections from the house of Atus.

Our countless choices in designer accessories from international brands and our inhouse designs are for premium luxury spaces. We work closely with designers and stylists to create bespoke decorative accessories based on shared inspirations. Our wide range of material collections and expert craftsmen creates unique palettes of combination catering to the budget, purpose and vision of the client.


Relentless Creativity

endless inspiration


One of the most extensive, diverse and intricate art form globally is sculpting. From scale to style sculpture has been an artform that has endless possibilities. Sculpture design can be customized by our artists from different parts of the world.

Our highly skilled sculptors are capable of creating visual magic using different materials like fiber glass, metal, wood, stone etc. for both interiors and exteriors.



Decorative vases from global brands and our own designs; the options are manifold for our clients. We do undertake projects that requires customization as well. Our premium designer collection of vases ranging in various color palettes, sizes and forms undoubtedly adorns your interiors adding more grace to the space.


Curios & Collectables

Ensuring craftsmanship at its best- our curio collection has been inspired from contemporary, renaissance as well as baroque styles. From different timelines around the globe in a wide range of materials our exquisite range of collectables comes along with a signatory note from the artists and are globally sourced directly from artists and are unique pieces.


Decorative Mirrors

‘If art reflects time, it does so with special mirrors’-Bertolt Brecht.

We love working with designer one-of-a-kind pieces as well as for assembly line production incorporating your design, material ideas and interests. Explore further to see yourself in style with our designer wall mirrors



Artistically designed and crafted bookends in various materials and forms never fails to add a sense of class to your taste of literature. Along with our designer’s choices we are happy to customize your ideas in your choice of material/color etc.


Bowls & Trays

Our serve ware is from global brands as well as our own design house. We are also available to procure as well as produce using your preferred material combinations, designs as well as color palettes to enhance the feel of your dining space. Use our designer collection of bowls and trays to set the right mood and theme of your dining experience.


Lanterns & Candleholders

Our collection of candleholders and lanterns are from leading brands and our design house. We are also available to procure as well as produce using your preferred material combinations, designs as well as color palettes to adorn every corner of your space.


Swap to Sustainable

Swap to sustainable in these globally challenged times using our accessories crafted in collaboration with talented craftspeople and artists. We ensure ethical sourcing of natural raw materials and our rattan and green products can be customised as per requirement.