RHYTHM 1.2 by Anna Jukova

The vases “Rhythm” are the reinterpreted form of a simple, common kitchen utensil – a jug. The repetition of the basic elements, contributing to the sense of regularity in the ratio of vertical and horizontal lines, their stretching and constricting, the resemblance of the handles lines to the strings of a musical instrument, which the eye move over like fingers do, are designed to create a sense of rhythm, both in a single object, and in their combination. At the same time, restrained, neutral clay’s shades and natural, rough texture of the minimally treated surface sometimes with fingers or tools traces do not distract attention from the overall construction but enrich the object with physical properties.


Vase RHYTHM 1.2

Gray textured ceramic vase with

two handles and transparent

glaze inside

24 x 13 x 13 cm

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