5 Creative Ways to Use Lighting at your Hotel

Finding a vintage lamb from your nearby store and placing it in a few places in the lobby and guest room doesn’t necessarily create an example of an ideal interior design for a hotel. Rather it needs severe thought and immense effort to pull out an amiable atmosphere with lighting that could potentially entice your guests.  

Lighting is crucial in constructing a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in hotels.Be it a seven-star hotel or Luxurious resort or even a budget-friendly establishment, the perfect lighting can significantly impact the general atmosphere of the room. A good lighting design sets the mood, enhances the aesthetic appeal, and provides a welcoming ambiance. In short, a creative lighting design can transform your hotel space into a mystical marvel.

This article will discuss five creative techniques to convert your hotel into a warm and cozy space with the perfect ambiance for your guests. 

1. Consider the color temperature of your space.

The color temperature of a light source is in fact the deciding factor that determines the purpose of the space. For instance color with warm undertones like yellow and orange is associated with comfort and relaxation, and colors with cool undertones like blue or green represent peace and tranquility. Warm white (2700K- 3000K) is well suited for classic or traditional design. This color temperature can be employed in lamps at the bedside table, reading nooks, lounge areas, etc.

Cool White (4000K-5000K) is best suited for bathrooms or workspaces as it is brighter and energizing, and may go well with minimalist room designs. Daylight (5000K- 6500K) mimics the actual natural light and is comparatively brighter than warm or cool white and so is best suited for dressing tables to aid your guest in their makeup routine.

2. Adjust the height of light fixtures

Adjusting the height of light fixtures adds visual interest to a space, creating layers of light and shadow, and making the space feel more dynamic and inviting. High ceilings require taller light fixtures, while lower ceilings can benefit from smaller, more compact lighting solutions. Low-hanging lights create a warm and intimate atmosphere, while high-hanging lights create a more open and airy feel. By adjusting the height of your light fixtures, you can create a visually appealing as well as functional space. Mounting lights at the right height can ensure that guests do not bump their heads or trip over the fixtures, thereby assuring safety.

3. Light the architectural as well as decor details

The best possible hack to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your Hotel is to highlight the architectural and decor details. The unique features of the hotel like artworks, moldings, or other exclusive architectural details can be highlighted using accent lighting. This will add depth and dimension to the space and upgrades the general countenance of the Hotel.

4. Set the illumination levels based on events

The lighting setup used for a  business meeting cannot be repeated on the occasion of a party or vice versa. Different events call for different levels of illumination. A romantic dinner requires mild and lower lighting levels than a usual dinner party. Swimmer switches are an ideal method to control illumination levels in hotels.  Adjustable light fixtures can be angled to provide the right amount of light according to the difference in occasion, time of day, etc. This will help change the lighting easily and quickly depending on the situation. Choosing light fixtures that allow flexibility can be the key to achieving this.

5. Prioritize natural light 

There is no better source of light than natural daylight in interior decor to add definition to a space. You can make use of Large and open windows, skylights, and other natural light sources to add warmth and beauty to a hotel room. Positioning the hotel’s common areas near natural light sources can elevate the overall look and feel of the Hotel. Thus the ground rule in incorporating daylight into an interior design is to simply make advantage of every possible source of natural light that could be brought into the space.

Lighting is thus a major factor that defines the grandeur as well as the functionality of a hotel space. Think twice before you opt for the light fixtures from lighting fixture suppliers in UAE for your Hotel as your choice could either transform the look and depth of the space and make it look more elegant and extravagant or could entirely go wrong. However, with the above-mentioned tips and a good purchase from a fine OS&E supplier in UAE, you could simply nail it.

Know the Carpet Before Choosing it

Have you been acquainted with the fact that flooring is one of the most critical features of interior design? Do you know that a carpet could change the face, definition, and mood of your space all at once? 

Well, it is so!

Read to know why you should think through it before choosing your carpet.

A Carpet will not only add beauty, luxury, and value to your space but will act as an excellent insulation to the room. It could redefine the structure of your room, as well as keep your space away from clutter. Buying a carpet however is not an everyday occurrence, and for most people, it is a once-in-a-blue-moon type of purchase. Right from choosing the material to size or color there is a humongous variety to choose from. A good carpet may be an investment for many years to come and so here is the toolkit to choose the one that suits you the best.

Pick the perfect material

The material or pile of a carpet usually refers to the fiber that is woven or tufted together to make up a carpet. This could be made from diverse materials ranging from wool and nylon to polypropylene or olefin, each having its own properties. When nylon outperforms other fibers in durability and resilience, polyester stands for stain resistance and softness. Likewise wool is durable and natural while olefin is attractive and inexpensive but not as resilient as nylon. There are also other new options in the market especially among the hospitality carpets in Dubai like Triexta which has permanent anti-stain properties. Also never say ‘No’ to the padding as it is the essence of carpeting and will enable your carpet to stay in place all year round.

Be particular in opting size and shape

The size and shape of a carpet should always be decided in relation to the configuration of the room you are to place the carpet. As a wide carpet in a smaller room tends to be overwhelming, a smaller one in a larger space might make the room feel empty and characterless. Ideally, the size of the carpet actually defines the space it is put in. For instance, if your carpet is intended for the living room it should be in line with the size of the room as well as big enough to place your furniture on the borders of the carpet with at least two front legs on the carpet. Similarly in a bedroom carpet is ought to cover three forth of the bed space and a little is to be showcased at the back and the sides.

Select color and pattern carefully

Although your taste and preferences may be the outline for choosing the color and pattern of a carpet, there are certain factors that you should be well aware of as the color, as well as the pattern choice, can greatly impact the look and feel of a space. The safe choice without a doubt is the neutral colors that will go with any furniture in the room. However in case you are a big fan of vibrant colors, and want your carpet to be the statement piece of the room, you could always go for a bold color but make sure it will go well with the rest of the furniture. Also be well versed with the lighting condition of the room, because a light color carpet always tends to reflect the light thereby making the room look bigger while a darker carpet absorbs light which might make the room look a little smaller.

Make a durability and maintenance hypothesis

Durability and maintenance are two critical factors to consider when you are purchasing a carpet. Consider the amount of foot traffic the carpet will receive, as well as any potential spills or stains that it is to undergo in its lifetime and this depends on where you place it. For example if it is for your dining room or if you have little children at home the chances of potential spills and stain are higher. Likewise choose Carpets with tight loops or low piles which are typically more durable and easier to clean and maintain if you have pets at home than those with loose, shaggy piles which will be torn down by your lovely kitten in no time.

Think through the cost and installation

Assuming that you are peculiar about your budget because who isn’t, keep in mind that a higher price doesn’t always guarantee the best quality and vice versa. Hence it is essential to consider factors like color, pattern size, material, and shape while setting your budget as there is a numerous variety of brands with endless combinations of styles to choose from. Also layering carpet could be an exhausting process if you are unfamiliar with it, but could totally skip the cost of installation if you know the method and hence you can save a few pennies just like that.

Choosing the perfect carpet for your space can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you do good research beforehand, make some wise decisions and choose a trusted seller to make your purchase. You can get your favorite piece from any premier supplier of hotel carpets in Dubai to give life to your luxury dreams.

Hospitality and Luxury Residence Interior Design

“Voila! “Click my picture with the cool gizmos in the hotel hallway, taking my sunbath beneath the bougainvillea’s!” The frame you are highly appreciative of is the deliverance of workmanship of a hospitality architect. 

Deluxe hotels and other fabulous-looking establishments with any kind of host-guest connection are designed by hospitality architects. Nightclubs, restaurants, theatres, hotels, country and city clubs, golf courses, cruise ships, and conference centers are just a few examples of spaces that are the subject of hospitality design. The design of hospitality interiors has changed drastically and considers the demands of every visitor, from those who choose to stay in their rooms to those who see hotels as a new venue for networking, business, socializing, and relaxation, and blindly follows the saying “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”.

A customized view of the space that seems appealing to all guests alike and encompassing all their requirements-be it leisure or professional meet up-pricks hard on the shoulders of every interior designer at all walks of their career path and this challenge keeps Atus upbeat and engrossing! The decisions we make in terms of design should be practical, appealing, and advantageous because they have a significant impact on how each and every hotel visitor will experience their stay. To guarantee a considerably enjoyable guest experience, the hotel and restaurant brand must also be represented.

The term “hospitality interior design” refers to a broad range of responsibilities and activities, from the layout of the space to the color of the walls and the furnishings. A unified and distinctive vibe can be achieved in the area by carefully curating and assembling all of these elements. Making decisions should be guided by the establishment’s primary goals and fundamental beliefs, such as delivering outstanding amenities and services that go above and beyond just a comfortable place to sleep. Based on this rationale, an interior designer might choose a subdued, more subdued, and refined color scheme or a bold, colorful color pattern mixed with contemporary furniture and inventive, more provocative decorative accessories.

Interior designers with experience and knowledge, like our team at Atus, know which interior product styles complement bold versus neutral color schemes.

Meet the experts in Boutique Interior Design 

There are many aspects of interior design to consider, but the most crucial decision is what kind of interior products you choose for your space. Interior designers with experience and knowledge, like our team at Atus, know what’s perfect for your space. Consult Atus to zhoosh up your space with the best designer furniture, fixtures, carpets, accessories, etc, and finish the look with a gala!